TETIXBEE BV is looking for a commercial Agents,Distributors

Tetixbee is a promotional marketing and trading company of handmade works of art created by Greek artists, using nature as their raw material.

Having nature as the biggest “supplier”, the result could be nothing but unique, impossible to replicate in every detail. For this reason, tetixbee’s visitor chooses a design, knowing they will receive a work which could not exist again in exactly the same way. There is also the possibility of a special order (with precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum), since the visitor can suggest their own idea, a design inspired by their own experiences and stories.

TETIXBEE BV has as a perspective to entering its products into handmade luxury gifts market and especially to the following markets:  Small and local stores, Giftware wholesalers, Giftware buyers, Giftware distributors, Giftware importers and giftware exporters, Interior designers,Decorators,Luxury buyers ,Retail buyers,Luxury Hotels & hotels boutique,Wedding planners ,Event planners,Retail shops,Galleries  Public relations department (Banks,law firms,Shipyards ,golf clubs)

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Zekeringstraat 17 A  1014BM Amsterdam The Netherlands

Commercial Register (KvK) No: 63315017 VAT Nederland No: NL 855182921B0

Mobile:0651138326  International:+31 0651138326

WebSite :www.tetixbee.com , E-mail us: info@tetixbee.com

Bampatzani Athena Manager