The Materials

The eternal tree

Symbol of stability and duration. Eternal presence- landmark in the ethereal Mediterranean scenery. The royal oak and the divine vineyard with their rustles, their puffs and their redolence, become calling to those who can indulge in the memories of the past which coexists with the present.

The endless sea.

An integral part of the Mediterranean oneiric reality. Travelling and returning, nostalgia and expectation, these are feelings deriving their mysticism from the Homeric epics and fadelessly transferring them to the current traveler of the senses.

Also, the rock and the sand, integral pieces of the sea, which she ceaselessly carves for centuries with an artistic mastery.

The materials of the land.

The “mined” brass, as Platon refers to, was regarded as one of the most precious metals.

In the hands of the artist, the driftwood, the copper, the rock, the clay and the semiprecious stones come together and get new forms inspired by the daily life of the Mediterranean Sea.