TETIXBEE BV is looking for a commercial Agents,Distributors

TETIXBEE BV has as a perspective to entering its products into handmade luxury gifts market and especially to the following markets:  Small and local stores, Giftware wholesalers, Giftware buyers, Giftware distributors, Giftware importers and giftware exporters, Interior designers,Decorators,Luxury buyers ,Retail buyers,Luxury Hotels & hotels boutique,Wedding planners ,Event planners,Retail shops,Galleries  Public relations department (Banks,law firms,Shipyards ,golf clubs)

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Goirkekanaaldijk 211 12
5048 AA Tilburg
The Netherlands

Commercial Register (KvK) No: 63315017 VAT Nederland No: NL 855182921B0
Mobile:0651138326  International:+31 0651138326
WebSite :www.tetixbee.com , E-mail us: info@tetixbee.com

Bampatzani Athena Manager