The tetixbee company is Athena’s creation, a woman who turned her love for the beauty and tradition of the Mediterranean into an online platform.

Tetixbee.com has been designed so that the visitor can browse and purchase quickly. Having as a guide the large, clear images that highlight the works in all their grandeur and in every detail, they can find rare and really unique handmade decorative works of art, whether they search for a business gift or a home decorative item.

The thematic categories of the works are inspired by Mother Nature and each one of them could narrate the nostalgic history of an entire place. The sea, the divine vineyard, the royal oak and simple materials of the earth come together in the hands of the artist and take unusual, oneiric shapes.

Having nature as the biggest “supplier”, the result could be nothing but unique, impossible to replicate in every detail. For this reason, tetixbee’s visitor chooses a design, knowing they will receive a work which could not exist again in exactly the same way. There is also the possibility of a special order, since the visitor can suggest their own idea, a design inspired by their own experiences and stories.